Video Testimonies: Alta Gracia Workers

One of the sources for our Model Tee Project is Alta Gracia. The people who sew Alta Gracia earn a living wage -- more than three times the minimum wage in the Dominican Republic -- and are treated with respect and have a union, a voice on the job. The living-wage union-made factory is the fruit of more than a decade of students and workers collaborating across borders to change the garment industry for the better.

A Fruitful Alternative

A Thriving Community

Sustaining Lives and Facilitating Dreams

A Springboard for Progress

Inspiring Activism

Building Hope in a Sustainable Future

Make a Difference

5 things you can do:

  1. Shop Alta Gracia.
  2. Ask the school near you to carry more Alta Gracia tees or hoodies. 
  3. Make your own custom T-shirts. See our special offer!
  4. Promote the new Model Tee Project to your city.
  5. Concerned about sweatshops? Get involved!

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