More Organizing Guides

Here are some wonderful resources produced by our partners in the anti-sweatshop movement.

Sweatfree Schools:

How to Become a Sweatfree School by Maquila Solidarity Network

High School Organizing Manual by United Students Against Sweatshops

Campus Organizing Manual by United Students Against Sweatshops 

Sweatfree Governments:

Not with their sweat, not with our dollars! by Tom Hayden

How to Become a Sweatfree City by Maquila Solidarity Network

For Religious Audiences and Congregations

Globalization We Can Grasp: The Covenanting for Justice Online Curriculum
Developed by the North American Working Group for Covenanting for Justice/Accra Confession. The curriculum includes a workshop on sweatshops and a video about SweatFree Communities. 

No Shvitz by Progressive Jewish Alliance
A unique booklet on the labor rights movement, the shmateh business and the Jewish response to sweatshops. No Shvitz is chock-full of statistics, factoids, word origins, Jewish teachings, and profiles of economic justice activists. Featuring pieces on modern-day slavery, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, and "kosher" clothing. 2nd edition (2005). Need to order from PJA.

General Education Kits & Campaign Manuals:

Stop Sweatshops: An Education / Action Kit
The Stop Sweatshops kit was designed for Canadian teachers, students, union members and church groups interested in learning more about sweatshops, raising awareness in their community and promoting local action. Need to order from MSN.

Sweatshops & Globalization
26-page artsy and informative pamphlet developed by No Sweat UK.

No Sweatshops: Information and Action Kit by Sweatshop Watch
The kit, which is geared towards students, teachers, consumers and activists, includes over a dozen factsheets on sweatshops and campaign materials. Need to order from Sweatshop Watch.

United for a Fair Economy Workshop Kits
UFE has a several workshop kits related to economics and globalization available for download on their website.