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SweatFree Communities Campaign Affiliate Program

If your group is interested in or already is campaigning for sweatfree procurement in schools, school districts, towns, cities, counties, states, other public institutions, or religious organizations, we invite you to consider becoming a SweatFree Communities Campaign Affiliate.

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SweatFree Communities Partner Program

If your non-profit organization believes that we need to build a strong and unified movement for worker rights in the United States and overseas - and that this movement should include labor, community organizations, religious organizations, student groups, immigrant rights groups, and others - we invite you to consider becoming a SweatFree Communities Partner.

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Current affiliates and partners.


"SweatFree Communities has provided invaluable assistance in creating the Connecticut anti-sweatshop bill and organizing students throughout the state. This was most coalition members' first experience fighting against sweatshops, and without SweatFree Communities' support we wouldn't have known how to create a sweatfree policy."
--Katherine Golub, leader of No Sweat Connecticut campaign in 2005