Liana Foxvog joined SweatFree Communities as National Organizer in 2004. By leading workshops and strategy sessions, she has played a critical role in helping launch new grassroots campaigns for sweatshop-free purchasing. Her presentations have included venues such as the U.S. Social Forum, the international Fair Trade Action Network convening meeting, and dozens of colleges. In 2003-2004, she worked with American Friends Service Committee in New Hampshire, educating high school students about globalization and "bird-dogging" presidential candidates to support fairness in trade agreements; National Public Radio, among other media, featured a story about the creative youth-led actions. Liana has a B.A. in Political Science and an M.S. in Labor Studies. She has taught courses at University of Massachusetts on Labor and the Global Economy and is a Spanish-English interpreter.

Contact Liana at:
2 Conz St., Suite 2B Northampton MA 01060, USA
ph: 413-586-0974 
liana [at] ilrf [dot] org