Ending sweatshop exploitation by inspiring responsible local purchasing and fostering solidarity between U.S. communities and workers worldwide.


Leaders in the struggle against sweatshops

We believe that people who suffer injustices should have a leading voice in the struggle for justice and dignity.  We shape our goals through dialogue with sweatshop workers and worker-based movements globally.

Power from below  

We believe there is power in numbers, and when we are united we can do more than any one of us can alone. Successful sweatfree campaigns bring people together and build power for local communities to decide how to spend their tax dollars. Together we tell corporations that we do not want worker abuse marketed to our schools, cities, and states. Together we tell our elected representatives that values of dignity and justice should shape our economy and our communities. Together we create sweatfree communities.

Solidarity between U.S. communities and sweatshop workers

We believe that our communities stand with sweatshop workers against corporate abuses because: sweatshop exploitation is morally offensive and violates our community values; workers are exploited in sweatshops in our own communities; we all suffer economically and spiritually when workers anywhere are exploited.

All people hurt directly or indirectly can be allies in the struggle against sweatshops exploitation.

Positive solutions 

We believe that when we work together as organized communities in solidarity with sweatshop workers we have the insight, creativity, and power to develop and implement viable positive solutions to sweatshop exploitation.  Community by community we create an edifice of worker justice on a foundation of sweatfree purchasing.

Connections with other movements for justice  

We believe that sweatshop exploitation is inextricably linked to the oppression of poor people, people of color, women, youth, and others cast away as not fully human.  We link the anti-sweatshop movement to other movements of the excluded to create real and sustainable social change in the workplace and elsewhere.