Model Tee Project

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You can purchase T-shirts from suppliers that:
  • Demonstrate compliance with sweatfree procurement policies
  • Pay a living wage to workers
  • Ensure good working conditions
These Model Tees make a positive impact on workers' lives in the same way that the original Ford Model T afforded a standard of living where workers could buy the cars that they made.

The Story Behind the Label

The Model Tee Project supports living-wage, union-made manufacturing in the US and internationally.

Alta Gracia is a unionized factory in the Dominican Republic that pays more than three times the minimum wage and welcomes unrestricted monitoring by the Worker Rights Consortium, an independent labor rights watchdog.

Union-Made in the USA provides local jobs and reduces unemployment in the US.

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Ethix Merch is the exclusive distributor of Alta Gracia for government entities as well as the provider of a huge selection of Union Made In the USA merchandise. Ethix has been a business in our Shop with a Conscience Consumer Guide for years.
Contact Daniel Cardozo at or 877-709-3845 x9 to place your order for imprinted Model Tees, to request a quote, or to invite a bid.

Join SweatFree Communities' Model Tee Project

Your T-shirt orders have a collective impact on garment workers around the world. Have you already placed a Model Tee Order? Interested in cooperative contracts? Let us know! Contact Liana Foxvog at or 413-586-0974.