November 2006

Newsletter #12 


1) Holiday Shopping List Launched
2) Give the Gift of Justice
3) Campaign Updates
4) New Resources from SweatFree Communities
5) State and Local Government Sweatfree Consortium Campaign

Holiday Shopping List Launched

Getting ready for the holidays? Where are you going to shop? For sweatfree clothing options, check out the list that we have updated for the holiday season:

Together with other partners in the anti-sweatshop movement, SweatFree Communities presents this list of apparel options made by workers who are organized in democratic cooperatives or unions.

Give the Gift of Justice

Give the gift of justice - support SweatFree Communities this holiday season! Help sustain our work by donating online now. Please contact us if you would like to become a monthly donor.

Campaign Updates

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners adopted a sweatfree procurement resolution in a unanimous vote. The resolution commits the Port to working with the City of Los Angeles and with the Progressive Jewish Alliance to implement the policy. Read more...

New Paltz: The Village of New Paltz, New York, adopted a sweatfree policy. The policy establishes a sweatfree advisory committee, which is charged with recommending membership in the national sweatfree consortium. Read more...

Many more campaigns are in the works - Austin, Berkeley, Massachusetts, Missoula, New York City, just to name a few. Check campaign news for the latest on grassroots organizing efforts and please get in touch with us if you would like to get involved in a campaign in your area or start a new effort.

New Resources from SweatFree Communities

Sweatfree Campaign Vocabulary: Have you ever wanted a cheat sheet to help explain the jargon of the sweatfree movement? Well now you've got it... Click here for the newly released vocabulary sheet.

White Paper and Sample Affidavit: Two exciting new resources - packaged in one! After circulating the State and Local Government SweatFree Consortium White Paper among many partner organizations, we have made some improvements in addition to strengthening the section on fair purchasing. We have also created model "request for proposal" language for purchasing officials to use in communication with vendors, including factory and wage disclosure forms. Download these resources here.

Position on Federal Legislation: In order to inform any federal legislation that may be considered in 2007, we have summarized our perspectives in a brief position paper responding to legislation that was proposed in 2006. Go here to read our position statement.

See our resources page for many more resources!

State and Local Government Sweatfree Consortium Campaign

With three states committed to becoming founding members of the consortium - Maine, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania - and several cities signaling interest in joining, we are well on our way toward our goal of launching the Consortium by the end of next year.

We need your help to win the campaign:

1. Ask organizations in your network to endorse the campaign.
2. Help us build visible public sector worker support for the campaign. Download our new flier and help us connect the dots between those who make uniforms and those who wear them.
3. Organize to get your city or state to become a founding member of the State and Local Government Sweatfree Consortium. Check out campaign information online or contact us.