Imagine the combined power of 50 states, thousands of cities, towns, schools, religious organizations, and other groups acting together, insisting on the same high labor and environmental standards from companies eager to sell them goods and services. Imagine your community as a sweatfree community, joining with others around the country. Imagine students competing in sweatfree sports uniforms, police enforcing the law wearing uniforms and using equipment that is actually legally made, or religious camps providing T-shirts made in accordance with their moral values. We have the power to change how corporations behave. But we have to use that power.

A sweatfree purchasing campaign is an effective and concrete local action you can take to help humanize the global sweatshop economy. It is also a potent means to foster sustained local activism and create strong local organizations. You can build coalitions of labor, student, solidarity, peace and justice, and faith-based groups. You can attract new people to social activism, channeling their outrage about sweatshops into engagement with local institutions. You can see new movement leaders emerge as graduating high school activists take leadership roles in the university anti-sweatshop movement and other organizations. As a local issue in which elected officials have to take positions, your campaign will offer significant possibilities for press coverage and public education. Most important, you and other local activists will control the shape and timing of your own efforts, creating the possibility for strong organizational growth.

We want to know if you are interested in being involved in the sweatfree movement! Please contact us if you are considering running a campaign or if you want to find out more about our goals and campaigns. We look forward to hearing from you.

These materials will help you get started:

10 Steps to a Sweatfree Community

Sweatfree Toolkit

Many more resources