Presente: "she is here with us"

Honoring the women who make our clothing

a series of 22 paintings of workers from around the world
View a sample of the paintings.

In the words of Janet Essley: " an artist I want to add my voice to all those of individuals and organizations like yours that are trying to create a new global consciousness that promotes human life and rights (rather than corporate profits)...

"As we remember [the sewer's] hands on each piece of clothing that we wear, may we envision a new world that globalizes compassion. May we insist upon living conditions for others that we enjoy for ourselves.

"The paintings ask the viewer to acknowledge the intimate connection we have to women in other parts of the world and to explore through this the impacts of corporate globalization on all our lives. The current realignment of the garment industry due to the end of previous trade agreements threatens the employment of tens of thousands of women workers who are the sole support of their families in countries around the world, including the U.S. The paintings encourage a globalization of empathy and the human right for work with dignity."

Interested to display the paintings in your community?

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