Policy Tools

Sweatfree Policies Passed
A list of sweatfree purchasing policies passed by schools, cities, counties, states in the U.S.

What's In a Sweatfree Purchasing Policy?
Use this one-page hand-out to explain the essence of what a sweatfree procurement policy is all about!

Model Code of Conduct and Sweatfree Procurement Policy
Here is a sample policy based on our analysis of "core elements." You may want to make changes based on the local context. Please feel free to contact us for assistance.
[English - doc] [English - pdf]
[Chinese simple - pdf] [Chinese traditional - pdf]

Implementation Guide
A companion document to "Model Code of Conduct and Sweatfree Procurement Policy." Based on the latest local innovations and the best thinking to date on how to craft an effective policy, this document explains the core standards, compliance tools, and enforcement mechanisms.

Non-Poverty Wages Around the World

What is a non-poverty wage for Bangladesh?  El Salvador?  Here you can download a table of 2005 non-poverty wages for countries around the world.  Be sure to read about the non-poverty wage methodology and how sweatfree activists can use the table to strengthen campaigns.

Campaign for the State and Local Government Sweatfree Consortium

Answers to these questions and more: How can cities and states work together to enforce sweatfree policies and monitor factories? Which public entities have signed on already? What's the vision?