Speakers & Workshops

Host a Speaker Ignite your campaign!

Bring a SweatFree Communities organizer to your community to give a presentation, lead a workshop, or conduct a strategy session on sweatfree organizing. Call 413-586-0974 to find out more and to arrange an event.

"Activists working on the Oregon Sweatfree Campaign came out of the 6-hour planning session with a clear picture of our collective goals and empowering strategies and tactics to get us there. I highly recommend SweatFree Communities strategy session for any group looking to plan an effective sweatfree campaign."
--Elizabeth Swager, Coordinator, Sweatfree Northwest

"I highly recommend the strategy sessions led by SweatFree Communities. We had sessions in San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. They have been incredibly helpful for our campaigns in those cities. The attendees left with a deeper understanding of how sweatfree ordinances can make a difference, and with a clear sense of the tactics and timeline necessary for success."
--Marc Jacobson, (former) Director, Texas Fair Trade Coalition

"Sweatfree Communities did a great workshop that gave student and community activists an excellent sense of SFC's strategy, recent gains in other states, and strategies for advancing the cause at the city (Ann Arbor) and state levels. This really helped to jump-start our efforts in SE Michigan, which have already yielded significant gains!"
--Ian Robinson, Department of Sociology, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

"SweatFree Communities provided the information and resources to help bring a global issue right to the local back doors of people in our community. Thanks to their dedication and flexibility they were invaluable in getting my undergraduate Social Work students excited and active in launching awareness of this issue among many constituencies in Kalamazoo, Michigan. One of the students had the honor of making a speech on the lawn of the Capitol for a statewide kick-off... and students (long after the class officially ended) traveled to the national summit to present how we organized 25 initially apathetic students about this initiative-- but how their enthusiasm soon grew quickly as facts emerged and the global became local." 

--Barbara Barton, Assistant Professor, Western Michigan University School of Social Work; Coordinator: Policy, Planning, and Administration