Shop with a Conscience Consumer Guide

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SweatFree Communities and International Labor Rights Forum are excited to bring you the Shop with a Conscience Consumer Guide filled with excellent products made in good working conditions. We believe that one of the most important criteria for meaningful and dignified work is that workers themselves have an effective, collective voice in determining their wages and working conditions. Therefore all the products in this shopping guide are made by workers organized into democratic unions or worker-owned cooperatives. To learn more about our criteria, go here.

All retailers and wholesalers listed below have undergone a rigorous application process to give us and you the confidence that their products truly meet our sweatfree criteria. Yet, conditions may change, and we do not have the capacity to monitor any factories in person. We encourage you to help us by lending us your eyes and ears, letting us know if you hear of any concerns about human rights or worker rights violations in the workplaces below. We will immediately bring such concerns to the attention of their business customers listed in the shopping guide, knowing that they will work in partnership with us and the workers to ensure that conditions improve.

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"Just Purchasing? Practicing our faith at the market" produced for Presbyterian camps, conference centers and congregations