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Application Process

Thank you for your interest in listing your apparel product in the “Shop with a Conscience” Consumer Guide.

If you would like your apparel product to be listed in the Guide and believe your factories comply with the sweatfree criteria, please complete the online application form.  Please note that there is a $50 non-refundable application fee.  Feel free to contact us with questions before submitting the online application. We will not accept any incomplete applications, so be sure to answer all questions thoroughly.

After we receive your application fee and complete application we will contact you regarding its status within 30 days. During this period we will attempt to contact an independent monitor, local union, and/or other non–governmental organization that is familiar with working conditions at your factory or in the region where your factory is located and has expertise in the human rights and labor rights of workers. We may also ask you for additional information or clarifications.

Once your application is approved, your product will be listed in the "Shop with a Conscience" Consumer Guide. We encourage all companies featured in the Guide to post notices in the workers' primary language(s) at their supplier factories, informing workers that your product is listed in the Guide because it is made in accordance with our sweatfree criteria. We will supply the notice in English to approved companies. It is the companies' responsibility to translate the notice into language(s) workers can read and understand.

The "Shop with a Conscience" Consumer Guide is intended solely for the benefit of consumers, to help them make informed choices and decisions about purchasing apparel products. Toward this end, we will consider all company disclosures that we receive to be public information, available upon request.
We do not allow any commercial use of the "Shop with a Conscience" Consumer Guide without our express written permission. This policy prohibits companies featured in the guide from advertising or promoting their inclusion in the guide. In particular, companies may not claim that listing in the guide is equivalent to a product or a company being certified or guaranteed sweatfree.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at: consumerguide[at]sweatfree[dot]org.

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