Trade Matters

Resources on trade and procurement

SweatFree Communities Statement on Trade Deal Announced May 10, 2007

Sweatfree organizing in the age of CAFTA by SweatFree Communities

Backgrounder on international trade agreements' constraints on state government procurement policy authority and practices (pdf) by Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch

Written Off - Fighting Back by Bjorn Skorpen Claeson
An essay on garment workers in eastern Pennsylvania and the impacts of trade.

Selected resources on effects of the phase-out of textile and clothing quotas

The post MFA era and the rise of China (pdf)

Maquila Solidarity Network's resources

Sweatshop Watch's compilation of resources

The MFA Forum - a network of companies, unions, and NGOs

Education and action resources

American Friends Service Committee

Citizens Trade Campaign

Focus on the Global South

Global Exchange

Hemispheric Social Alliance

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

International Gender and Trade Network

Public Citizen

In-depth policy resources

International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development

Our World is Not for Sale

Third World Network

Trade Observatory

Official websites

World Trade Organization

Free Trade Area of the Americas

United States Trade Representative