Shop with a Conscience WHOLESALE GUIDE

SweatFree Communities and the International Labor Rights Forum are proud to bring you the Shop with a Conscience Wholesale Guide – a list of “sweatfree” wholesale options for the growing number of schools, cities, states, community groups, designers, manufacturers, and others who would like to purchase clothing made under fair and humane working conditions.

Similar to the Shop with a Conscience Consumer Guide, the Wholesale Guide promotes clothing produced in facilities where workers are organized into democratic unions or worker-owned cooperatives and have an effective, collective voice in determining their wages and working conditions.  These workplaces strive to produce clothing in accordance with international fair labor standards, such as ensuring workers healthy and safe working conditions; wages and benefits sufficient to support the basic needs of their families; and treatment with dignity and respect.  To learn more about our sweatfree criteria, go here.

All wholesalers listed below have undergone a rigorous application process to give us and you the confidence that their products truly meet our sweatfree criteria. Yet conditions may change, and we do not have the capacity to monitor any factories in person. We encourage you to help us by lending us your eyes and ears and letting us know if you hear of any concerns about human rights or worker rights violations at the workplaces listed below. We will immediately bring such concerns to the attention of the wholesalers, knowing that they will work in partnership with us and the workers to ensure that any legitimate concerns are addressed.

Please note that not all clothing sold by the wholesalers listed below are necessarily 100% sweatfree.  In order to be listed in the Shop with a Conscience Wholesale Guide, we require wholesalers to provide information about only the production facilities involved in manufacturing the clothing listed in the Wholesale Guide.  Although we urge featured wholesalers to sell only sweatfree products, please be sure to ask specifically for products made by workers organized into unions or worker-owned cooperatives when placing your order.  We encourage you to verify the name and location of the factory making your order so you can be sure that you are buying sweatfree.

We are in the process of developing a list of unionized screen printers who sell products made in union factories. If you are interested in a copy, you may contact us at consumerguide(at)sweatfree(dot)org.